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Kiemle-Hankins History


Over a span of more than eight decades, the Kiemle-Hankins Company has been involved with mechanical and electrical energy.  The initial spark began in 1928 with Fred W. Kiemle's founding of an electric apparatus repair shop in downtown Toledo – initially known as the Kiemle Company.  According to records, the Company’s original facility was located about where the shortstop stands anytime there is a Mud Hens ballgame at 5/3rd Field!

In 1954, the spark became a flame when William H. Hankins purchased the Company, and it became The Kiemle-Hankins antique_switchgearCompany.  The rest, as they say, is history.  Bill Hankins began the Company's fifty-plus year old "Golden Rule Marble" tradition, a philosophy that still represents an important core value for the Company today.  Under his leadership, Kiemle-Hankins began a period of growth and expansion that saw, among other things, the relocation of the Company to a newly constructed, 42,000-square-foot facility just outside of Toledo (in what is now known as Ampoint Industrial Park), an expansion into new equipment sales, and the beginning of the Company's long-standing relationship with Allen-Bradley, and a clear commitment to become the region's leading motor repair company.

In 1974, Bill Lugar, an executive with the Company for more than 20 years, culminated his long and successful career at Kiemle-Hankins by becoming the Company's third President.  Mr. Lugar's years at the helm helped to bridge a number of significant transitions involving the leadership and direction of Kiemle-Hankins.

In 1978, Steve Martindale became the Company's fourth President.  Under Mr. Martindale, Kiemle-Hankins expanded greatly in both the industrial services and new equipment sales arenas.  The 1970s saw the opening of supply branch operations in Fremont, Ohio and Defiance, Ohio.  By the end of the 1980s, the Company had outgrown its home again, and the Supply Division headquarters was moved to Arrowhead Park, leaving the entire Ampoint facility to serve as the Services Division.

antique_motorThe 1990s saw a steady ramp-up of the Company's repair and maintenance services, highlighted by growth beyond motor repair and beyond the Company's historical Northwest Ohio roots.  First came the move into power services, which enabled the Company to provide comprehensive repair, maintenance, and testing of substations, switchgear, and transformers.  Then, in 1997, the Company acquired an interest in Great Lakes Service and Sales, which eventually developed into the Company’s Northwest Indiana operations.  In 1998, Birclar Electric & Electronics, one of the largest electro-mechanical repair operations in the Detroit Metro area, became a subsidiary of Kiemle-Hankins.  In 2000, the Company acquired three operations in southern Ohio, which when combined created the DayCin Division.  

Under Steve Martindale's leadership, the Company developed into a diversified industrial electrical equipment sales and service company.  At its peak, Kiemle-Hankins had more than $50 million in annual sales and more than 250 associates.  Throughout this time, the Company continued its commitment to quality, integrity, and service.  In 2002, the strategic decision was made to focus on industrial maintenance and repair services, with the goal of becoming the premier provider of such services in the region.  The sale of the Company's Supply Division in that year has helped to ensure that Kiemle-Hankins has the resources and financial strength to be world-class in these areas. 

In 2003, Tim Martindale became the President of The Kiemle-Hankins Company, ushering in a period of steady growth and further development of the Company’s focus on industrial maintenance.  Part of this growth included reorganizing the Company into five mutually supporting operations each of which have become excellent across the electrical – electro-mechanical – mechanical focus of the Company.  This ability to share resources and work together is a big part of what makes Kiemle-Hankins unique and successful in the market today.  The biggest part of our success is that we have a team of skilled professionals who are the best in the business.  We are dedicated towards finding the best people and then providing them with an environment where they can be safe and realize their potential.  If you believe that your provider of industrial maintenance services should have the highest ethical standards, a proven commitment to quality, and an unsurpassed ability to deliver customer service, then you want Kiemle-Hankins.  We are committed to being a world-class partner to those who choose us, and we will deliver repair and maintenance solutions that will save you money over the life of your plant’s key equipment.  In the past, present, and future, we at Kiemle-Hankins thrive on helping customers solve their toughest maintenance problems, every day.

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