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Protective Relays

Protective Relays

The protective relays in your power system require regular maintenance and testing to ensure they respond correctly under overload or fault conditions.  We have been providing switchgear service for decades.  When we service your protective relays, we come equipped with unrivaled expertise.  Our advanced test equipment ensures that we will be able to test and maintain your most complicated protective relays.  Our service starts with the documentation of the "as found" settings for your protective relays.  The settings will be restored prior to returning your protective relay to service, unless you have provided instructions to adjust the settings based on new engineering requirements.  Following this documentation, the protective relay will be cleaned and inspected according to the original equipment manufacturer’s recommendations.  Finally, the protective relay is electrically tested to ensure it is functioning according to the manufacturer’s specifications and our relay test procedures.  Our technicians have a complete library of the OEM manuals to ensure that the test results are within the manufacturer specified performance curves.

When you have purchased new or pull a protective relay from storage, best practice is to have your relay tested to ensure it functions properly and is set up to your specifications.  If you experience an unexplained fault, you will want your protective relay evaluated to make sure that it was functioning correctly.

multi_function_relayWe are proficient at testing a wide array of relays including the more complex Schweitzer and Multilin programmable protective relays that are currently available on the market.  These protective relays require extensive, complex programming to implement their numerous monitoring and tripping functions.  Our technicians are practiced at programming these complicated relays.  In addition to testing and programming these devices, we offer log analysis and power monitoring to help you better understand the source of disturbances on your power system.

In addition to our around the clock emergency response teams, we also offer protective relay upgrades.  When your arch flash analysis study dictates that the older relays in your system lack the required functionality, we can provide state-of-the-art multi-function relays that will minimize the total number of relays in your system while greatly expanding the number of variables being monitored.  In our shop, we design the new panel layout, fabricate the sheet metal with the required cutouts, paint to match, install the new relay housing(s), and the wiring harness.  Following the removal of your existing relays, the completed assembly is ready to install on-site at your facility.  We will even provide "as-built" drawings if required, when the job is complete.

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