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At Kiemle-Hankins and Birclar, we have over 20 years of experience repairing, testing and maintaining these highly engineered precision machines from nearly all manufacturers and across a wide variety of industries.  When it comes to dynamometers, you can count on our abundant expertise and attention to detail to maintain the original specifications and improve the uptime of your equipment.  Through the effective utilization of our highly skilled engineers, expert technicians and our investment in innovative technologies, we will positively impact the repeatability, accuracy and durability of your dynamometer!  At your facility or ours, we have the tools, experience and people to solve your toughest challenges.

We will take full responsibility of the entire dynamometer repair project.  From troubleshooting problems at your site, through removal and rigging, transportation to our facility and the full repair scope - we do it all.  When your dynamometer arrives at one of our repair facilities, the unit is tagged with a job identification number.   A job folder containing nameplate information, inspection results and project photographs is maintained throughout the project progress.  Click on one of the links to the left to jump down to special services and considerations for each type of dyno.

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AC Dynamometer

ac _dynoThe dyno is dismantled and the electrical integrity of the stator is tested.  All components of the dynamometer are steam cleaned and bake dried in our temperature-controlled oven.  The rotor is mounted on precision hardened rollers and the shaft run-out is measured with calibrated precision instruments.  All end bells, bearing journals and other mechanical fits are measured and compared to original equipment manufacturer’s specifications.  The results of the tests will culminate in a detailed quotation and scope of work.  Following your authorization to proceed, we will start our reconditioning.

In the event your dynamometer’s stator requires rewind, our expert winders will manufacture new stator coils on our computer-controlled winding system.  Our winder’s use only premium grade inverter duty magnet wire, slot liners and top wedges to create a class H insulation system.  The stator is then varnish treated and bake dried in our temperature-controlled bake oven.  The high temperature rating of the new insulation system means longer life for your dynamometer.

The mechanical fits of the dynamometer are restored to the OEM’s specifications, or better.  Our precision chrome and grind process allows us to maintain tolerances that are magnitudes lower than typically required in other rotating apparatus.  The net result of our obsessive attention to detail is that you are rewarded with the best balanced, lowest vibration levels your dynamometer has ever experienced.

We understand that your dynamometer’s reliability is the sum of the individual components, and as such, the reliability is only as good as the weakest link in your system.  With that in mind, we thoroughly inspect, test, replace or repair every component including the blowers, electrical sensors, temperature sensors and cooling system.

Our dedicated dynamometer technicians reassemble the reconditioned base components including new precision bearings.  The repair process is validated on our test floor where your dynamometer can be run up to 12,000 RPM!  The vibration, RPM and temperature data is collected through the full speed range of the dynamometer and can include coast-down testing.  The completed dynamometer is ready for shipment following a quality check by our services supervisor and technical specialist.  All documentation can be presented to you in the form of our custom repair reports, or “Dyno Book.”

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DC Dynamometer

Upon arrival at our facility, your dynamometer will be thoroughly inspected and cleaned.  The dynamometer will be dismantled to its core components, steam cleaned and bake dried in one of our DC_Dynotemperature-controlled bake ovens.  Following cleaning, the fields and armature will be electrically tested to establish their condition.  Tests may include insulation ground (megger), bar to bar and field drop tests as necessary to evaluate the condition of the windings.  Mechanically all tolerances and fits will be evaluated for fit and function.  The details of this test and inspection will lead to a detailed quotation including scope of work.  Following your approval, the work scope will commence with unmatched attention to detail.

We are experts at restoring mechanical tolerances of your DC machine.  We chrome and grind all bearing surfaces to maintain tolerances to an absolute minimum ensuring the best longevity and lowest vibration levels in your completed dynamometer.

Your commutator, armature and fields will be restored per the work scope.  Our technicians will turn and undercut your commutator to promote long brush life and prevent arching.  The armature can be rewound with aluminum wire to reduce the stresses induced during high-speed operation.  The freshly wound systems will be varnish treated and cured while rotating in our temperature-controlled oven.  The integrity of the completed units will again be electrically tested to validate the rewind process.

As the dynamometer is reassembled by our highly skilled technicians, the precision balanced components, new precision bearings and remanufactured mechanical workings will be reassembled into the complete dynamometer.  The assembled unit will be test run with new brushes.  The brush seating on the commutator will be evaluated and optimized with nonconductive abrasive paper.

The unit will undergo an extensive test run complete with the collection of vibration, temperature and RPM data.  Prior to shipment, the completed dynamometer and all test data will undergo a final quality check by our services supervisor and technical specialist.  The entire repair process is documented in the custom report called the “Dyno Book” and delivered to you upon completion of the repair.

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Eddy Current Dynamometer

Eddy current dynamometers are dismantled down to base components and are subject to a thorough steam cleaning in our on-site cleaning booth and bake dried in our temperature-controlled bake oven.  The mechanical components are mechanically inspected to ensure the rotor, end bells and dynobody are within original manufacturer’s specifications.  The coils are subject to insulation resistance tests (megger) to determine the condition of the coils.  The inspection results will be evaluated by our technical specialist and a detailed quotation with scope of work will be created and presented to you.

Upon approval, we will move through the work scope with the utmost attention to detail.  All ancillary components will be tested and restored to like new condition.  These components include the oil pump, thermal switches, filters, and all other components of the dynamometer.

Our full on-site machine shop and expert machinists will restore all the mechanical fits to within OEM specification or your custom requirements; bearing surfaces will be chromed and ground to promote tighter tolerances.  All rotating equipment, rotor and couplings, will be dynamically balanced on our calibrated balance stand.  To deter the corrosive nature of the cooling water, all water contact surfaces will be treated with a waterproof epoxy treatment.  The unit will be reassembled with new premium grade antifriction bearings, gaskets and seals.

The completed assembly will go through full water flow testing to guarantee a leak free unit.  We will also connect your eddy current dynamometer to one of our drive motors.  The motor and dynamometer will be installed, laser aligned and tested on our state-of-the-art test floor.  The testing will include full speed range testing and data collection of vibration levels, bearing temperature and RPM.

Following the successful final test, the dynamometer and all documentation will be inspected by our services supervisor and then prepared for shipment.  All documentation and inspection results are available for your review and can be included in our custom “Dyno Book” that chronicles the entire repair process.

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Chassis Roll


Whether it’s AC or DC, your chassis roll dynamometer is subject to the same meticulous inspection and repair processes as the AC and DC dynamometers.  The entire unit will be disassembled, cleaned and subject to extensive mechanical and electrical testing.  The inspection results will be analyzed and lead to the generation of a detailed quotation to restore your dyno.  In addition, we offer full services to recoat your chassis rolls, which include alignment and trim balancing.  The recoating of your chassis rolls is critical to proper RPM tracking and safety.  Our powerful drives allow us to test your chassis dynamometers to full speed ensuring reliable performance when the unit is returned to your facility.  Following final test, the documentation is combined into the “Dyno Book” and delivered to you.

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On-site Services

At your facility, we offer a comprehensive set of services to ensure your test cell is up and running in a timely fashion.  Our services at your site include maintenance, oil system optimization, brush changes, alignment, vibration analysis, field balance, drive optimization, repair and motor circuit evaluation testing.

Our long-standing commitment to this market has allowed us to develop an unrivaled knowledge of dynamometers and the respect of numerous dyno test laboratories in North America and dynamometer manufacturers around the world.  Call us with your next dynamometer maintenance requirement! 


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