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Clutches and Press Drives

Clutches and Press Drives


Whether your issue lies with a motored clutch, press drive or brake, you can rest assured that we have the capabilities to recondition your unit to a status that you will say is better than new.  The clutches, press drives and brakes that you rely on everyday are prone to the similar failures as the other rotating devices in your facility.  We have gained immense knowledge of these devices and can offer a wealth of maintenance and application knowledge to you.  Our customers that have already entrusted us with the repair and maintenance of these systems know that we make a difference -  a difference that is measured in extra years of runtime!

As we receive a unit, it is disassembled and the sub components are cleaned to eliminate contaminants.  The components are then bake dried to remove any residual moisture.  Based on our decades of experience servicing and repairing these units and original manufacturer's specifications, the components are mechanically inspected to ensure proper fit and alignment.  Each component, including the shaft, coupling, bearing fits, seal press_drivefits, drum and the spider are inspected to ensure the assembled unit will run better and longer than ever.  In the event that the dimensions are out of tolerance, our expert machine shop can quickly restore the components to their proper dimensions. 

The electrical components of the system will each be evaluated to assess their condition.  Typical tests for eddy current coils include an insulation system (megger), coil resistance and hi-pot tests.  In the event of a rotating coil, the collector rings and brushes will be evaluated and then refurbished or replaced as necessary.  We can offer expert level solutions for prolonging the life of your brush and collector rings.  If equipped with a tachometer or other feedback device, we will test the unit to ensure reliable function when it is returned to you.  We have the capabilities, experience and equipment to test nearly any variant of these units.

As the system is readied for assembly, all rotating elements are precision balanced to minimize vibration in the assembled unit and promote a long useful life.  The clutch_drumcompleted assembly is normally run on our test floor to validate the repair.  Bearing temperatures and vibration levels are recorded during this time to quantify the quality of the repair.  In the case of the motored clutch, the motor will be repaired and then the entire system will be tested as a unit.  This additional effort ensures the unit will perform as desired when it reaches your facility.

Our service offering does not stop at our facility.  We offer numerous services at your facility including infrared scans, vibration analysis, laser alignment and application support for your eddy current controller.

Whether your eddy current application involves a brake on an overhead crane or the clutch on a stamping press, rest assured that we have the expertise to restore your unit to a condition that will not only meet your expectations, we will exceed them!

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