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Servo and Spindle Motors

Servo and Spindle Motors

When you are evaluating spindle and servo motor repair options, how do you evaluate the facilities competing for your business?  If you base your evaluation on the cost of the repair, you will likely find yourself disappointed.  Time and again, we have found that the real value of a repair process lies with a commitment of people and resources.

Each servo motor or spindle entered into our system is assigned a unique job number.  The typical servo motor repair includes a thorough mechanical inspection verifying the general state of the servo motor.  In addition to these checks, a detailed set of electrical tests are conducted on the motor circuit and the interconnect cables.  Finally, the feedback device is verified for correct operation and alignment.  These tests ensure that our repair efforts are focused on the root cause of the problem.  Once approved, the repair will proceed quickly as our repair facility is equipped to handle all machining, winding, balancing and testing that is required.  Prior to shipment, the servo motor is connected to the appropriate drive and evaluated under real test loads.  This final test ensures that the motor is operating optimally when it is returned to you, any repair facility that doesn’t run your axis motor on an appropriate drive isn’t fixing your motor!  Our investment in a wide assortment of industry leading drives, and test equipment means we can respond quickly and deliver unrivaled repairs.  Motors can be returned with a detailed report detailing the entire repair process and include root cause failure analysis.

In service, spindle motors are operating under continuously varying speed and loading conditions.  These conditions range from extremely low speed to high-speed applications and the only constant is the need for precise rotational motion.  Spindles are required to operate at extremely low vibration levels across their entire speed range.  Our high precision digital balancing systems and our machinist’s obsession with holding tight dimensions ensure that your spindle will help you hold the tolerances you need to satisfy your customer. 

Should your service be as simple as recharging your permanent magnet or an entire rewind and recondition, we are confident that our service will leave you satisfied.  We have strong ties to the original equipment manufacturers and have factory-trained technicians on staff.

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