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Gearbox4Our highly skilled mechanics and machinists make quick work of gearbox repairs.  We will conduct a thorough inspection of the unit documenting every detail of our inspection.  We will check the bearing fits, the shaft runout, the gear wear and the sealing surfaces.  The inspection will lead to a detailed quotation that will allow you to understand the proposed work scope and costs.  No repairs will take place without your express permission to proceed.  This leaves you in controlGearbox1 of your asset and the repair process.

A large number of failures associated with gearboxes stem from the ingress of contaminants into the bearings and lubrication system.  We have the expertise needed to identify this condition and further we are able to offer solutions that will eliminate this possibility in the future.  Our team is able to incorporate bearing protection systems that offer a lifetime of protection for your gearbox or other mechanical apparatus.

Our well-equipped facilities mean that we can respond in emergencies, there is no need to wait for third party suppliers.  When you have a critical piece of equipment that is down, call us when you need someone who understands urgency.

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