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In industry, pumps are everywhere.  For most plants, even if they are not directly part of the manufacturing process, they are still a key part of the facility’s infrastructure.  The variety of pumps and pump applications that a maintenance department must understand can be daunting.  Where do you turn for expert advice and assistance with your most difficult pump maintenance problems?  Kiemle-Hankins and Birclar, of course! 

As a natural outgrowth of our expertise in rotating equipment and motors over the course of many decades, we have developed world-class pump repair and maintenance capabilities.  Our approach is unique.  While we have access to manufacturers' support for most of the repairs we undertake, we can help you avoid the extended turnaround times and high expenses usually associated with sending your unit back to the OEM.  And, have you ever called your local pump distributor with a question only to be told that you need to purchase a whole new unit for some reasons that seem vague to you?  By choosing to work with us, you can avoid these problems and many more.

We offer the same quality standards that you would receive from the manufacturer (or better!) with a sense of urgency that will meet your needs, every time.  Although we are never the cheapest repair due to our exacting standards and attention to detail, we are confident that we can both extend the useful life of your pump AND reduce your OEM repair bill.  Since we are not affiliated with any pump manufacturer, we get paid by solving your maintenance problems, not by selling you new equipment.  And, if we can not help you, we are not afraid to tell you so right up front.  There are cases where you are better off buying a new pump or going to the OEM for service, and we believe that if this is the case, it is our duty to let you know that with speed and candor.  If you have been looking for a maintenance partner to help solve your pump problems and improve reliability of these critical assets, then perhaps our approach will work for you.

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Disassembled_pumpSo whether you have centrifugal pumps or positive displacement (rotary lobe) pumps or submersible pumps or multistage pumps, we can help you evaluate your maintenance issues and make sure that your repairs will last longer.  We can help you solve seal problems of all kinds and can also assist in seal redesigns that will ensure that contaminants do not shorten your pump’s life.  We are also experienced and adept at performing pump repairs where the application of special coatings (such as Belzona) to impellers, bowls and/or volutes is part of a process that will both improve performance and increase your mean time between failure.

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one_line_2Because of our background in motor repair, we are the obvious choice to address pump system issues that involve a motor, as so many do.  Many customers have benefitted from allowing us to handle motor-pump projects in a turnkey fashion, which eliminates the finger pointing that can sometimes occur between your mechanical contractor and your motor repair shop.  This can also play a key role in making sure that your vendor can deliver integrated troubleshooting capabilities, along with installation, removal and alignment support.

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Pump_test_pitCertainly we believe that our ability to repair submersible pumps is second to none.  Where else can you get an expert motor repair shop that also will test your pump in a dedicated submersible testing pit?  Remember we have dedicated winding departments at each division ready to turn any rewind job around as quickly as possible.  Why send your pump to a machine shop only to watch them sub out the rewind?  With us, you also never have to worry about leaks that a pressure test alone may not catch.  Between pump and motor technicians working together and actual underwater load testing your submersible is safe with us.

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Impeller_balancingWhen it comes to your large or complex centrifugal pumps, you need a shop that has the lifting and handling equipment to make sure the job is done right.  With lifting capacity of 35 tons and dedicated trucking capacity of 33,000 lbs, we know what it takes to handle your large, critical pumps quickly and professionally.  Whether it is a single or multistage unit, our complete machine shops and expert machinists will make sure that every fit is correct and every rotating element is properly balanced. 

Our experience across industry segments is extensive as well.  Whether you are an industrial or a municipal, whether you are pumping clean water, sanitary product, or any manner or type of chemical/petrochemical, we can bring our experience to bear on your critical liquid or vacuum pumps.  We are well versed in not just ANSI pumps and specifications, but also the more rigorous requirements of the API 610 standards.

Many distributors have a couple of guys out back who can change a bearing or swap an impeller, but how many have Level II vibration analysts ready at all times to verify a completed repair or assist you on a troubleshooting call?  How many OEMs can respond to your emergency with guaranteed 24X7X365 LOCAL response?

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If you are interested in a pump service company that has rigorous in-house testing standards that meet or exceed OEM specs and who can provide bearings, seals, gaskets and o-rings that are always OEM equivalents or upgrades, then please contact us today.  As part of our commitment to provide you with the custom reporting and failure analysis you need, we are always able to fully document our entire inspection and repair process with high-resolution digital photographs and dedicated pump test sheets.   The pump maintenance partner you have been waiting for - Kiemle-Hankins and Birclar.

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We have extensive experience with a wide variety of pump manufacturers, including the following: 

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